Pure Aromatherapy Quality Essential Oils & Blends

Hi! I'm Tracy Bartosik, Owner and founder of Created Essentials!
Created Essentials was born out of my desire to provide everyone with pure essential oils and blends of the highest possible quality at fair prices. 

I was an essential oils consumer for years before my Clinical Aromatherapy training, so I understand how hard it is to find an essential oils company that you trust, while at the same time not feeling incredibly over-charged. Don't get me wrong - I know first hand that 100% pure essential oils can be pricey by nature. But sometimes, there are SO many people between you and the distiller that you end up paying much more than need be. Or you have to "join" something just to get essential oils you feel comfortable with regarding quality. While this may be a great choice for some, it's not a good fit for everyone. 

As a Clinical Aromatherapist AND a consumer, my mission for Created Essentials is to provide YOU with the best possible pure essential oils, blends, and other aromatherapy products that are formulated to get the therapeutic results you're seeking.  Always Pure. Always Quality. Always Affordable. 

I am also available for private consultations, regardless of where you live! If you are interested in learning more, please go to the "Aromatherapy Services!" section of this site, or contact me directly.

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have. I answer them all, personally.  God bless, and thank YOU so much for stopping by! 

Tracy Bartosik
Certified Clinical Aromatherapist & Holistic Health Practitioner
Helena, Montana
(406) 470-7697
createdessentials [!at] hotmail.com 

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